• Account logins – Add additional users to your console to allow your coworkers to access ion. Don’t worry, you can also restrict their access if necessary.
  • (Sub)domains – Please make sure your domains and/or subdomains are pointed toward your ion console’s dedicated postclickmarketing subdomain and have been added to your domain manager
  • Favicons – If you would like to display your company’s image in web browsers when viewing a live page, please save the image as a .ico file, name it “favicon” and add it to your subdomain within your domain manager.
  • Images – Upload your images to your global image library so they may used in your ion creatives.
  • Fulfillment items – Are you planning to make a file available for download by your respondents? First you’ll want to make sure it has been uploaded to your global fulfillment library.
  • Tracking scripts – Looking to utilize tracking scripts for Google Analytics, Omniture, Eloqua or any other third party vendor? No problem! Add your scripts to your global script library so they may be pulled into either the <head> or closing </body> tag in your campaigns, creatives and/or individual pages.
  • Statistical confidence – Planning on running tests in your ion console? You may set the level of confidence ion uses to automatically determine a test winner in your “Configure Site” screen located under the Settings tab.
  • SMTP Host Options – Looking to send automated emails using ion’s available email template library? You may also want to check the SMTP Host options located in your “Configure Site” screen and update your SMTP Host options to reflect your own email server settings.
  • Portfolios – As a best practice, we would recommend setting up separate portfolios for live creatives and test creatives. Once your creative(s) has been completed, you may copy your finished creative into a live portfolio. This will ensure your reporting metrics remain pure.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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