Basic Lead Data is standard contact information typically collected via a lead form: things like name, email address, and phone number. These fields are available in your ion console by default, though they can be deleted.  If you’ve purchased integration services that include Basic Lead Data, these are the fields eligible for integration.


ion data name Description Sample data
FirstName First name John
LastName Last name Smith
EmailAddress Email address [email protected]
Phone Phone number 617-555-1212
Fax Fax number 617-555-1212
ContactPreference Method by which respondent prefers to be contacted email
Title Job title Marketing Technologist
Organization Organization or company name ion interactive
WebSite Website URL
OptIn Opt-in to receive email yes
Address1 Address line 1 101 Main Street
Address2 Address line 2 c/o ion interactive
Address3 Address line 3 Floor 15
City City Cambridge
State State or province Massachusetts
Province Province Ontario
ZipCode 5 or 5+4 digit U.S. zip code 02142
PostalCode Domestic or international postal code M3C 0C1
Country Country (full name) United States
ProductInterest The product a respondent expressed interest in Blue Widget


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