Grabbing the embed code

Access the URL page of your creative and click on “Embed Code” to grab the code needed to embed your micro-experience within your WordPress-based blog.

Then select the option (Pop-up or On-page) you want the micro-experience displayed once embedded in an external page.

Adding Custom HTML block

When editing the article within WordPress, click on “+” and add the Custom HTML block to any location across your content.

You can also use the search abilities to look for the Custom HTML block.

Adding the embed code from Ion

Paste the embed code within the Custom HTML block.

Publishing the micro-experience

After hitting “Publish”, please do not forget to preview the article to confirm your micro-experience is displaying as expected.

From there, just hit “Update”, or “Publish” if this is a new article, and there that is it, your micro-experience from Ion is ready to go.

Do not hesitate to check this release to stay on top of everything about this Ion’s latest innovation.

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