The ion platform gives you the ability to create Sell-Side pages that make viewing visitor behavior easier than ever! You can also customize your Sell-Side pages with messages that will help your sales team to more effectively follow up with visitors.

To add a Sell-Side page to your ion experience, click the “Add a Sell-Side to this creative” link on the right side of the Creative Management screen.

Choose if you’d like to copy an existing page, the entire creative or start from scratch.

Editing Your Sell-Side Experience

Editing a Sell-Side experience is just like editing any other experience in ion. Your Sell-Side experience could consist of a single page of content or multiple pages that you link together.

The main difference is the audience that will be viewing your Sell-Side pages. Instead of sending live traffic to your Sell-Side pages, either you or a member of your team will be reviewing Sell-Side pages. The content on the Sell-Side page(s) should be what you will find helpful to review user behavior, which is based on the data that was saved while the user navigated through your ion experiences.

For example:

If you want to review the choices that were made within an interactive assessment or quiz, you can publish the assessment/quiz components into your Sell-Side page to see what the user selected. If you use a choice group for users to make selections in an assessment/quiz, you can publish the same choice group in your Sell-Side page(s) to see the selection a given user made in the live experience.

    • As long as it references the same data field, the data will populate in your Sell-Side page based on the choice made by the visitor.

You can display other information on the page as well by using content variables. If you want to display something on a Sell-Side page that was collected in a lead gen form like the respondent’s email address, you can publish {% raw %}{{EmailAddress}}{% endraw %} on the page so that when you or your team views the Sell-Side page for that visitor, their email address will also be displayed.

Rules can also be applied to your Sell-Side pages.

This gives you the ability to set up advanced logic for Sell-Side pages in case you ever want to change content on the page based on selections made by a user. This can be helpful if you want to dynamically show your sales team messaging to use to follow up with someone based on the selections that person made within your interactive experience.

*NOTE: Integrations will not run through Sell-Side pages, as there is no new data to export from the visitor. Sell-Side pages are treated as Preview pages by the platform.

For more information on dynamic content substitution, Dynamic Content Substitution.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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