First off, why do we even need to mark a conversion in our creative?

Marking a conversion point for your Ion creatives will help you track the success of the experiences you create and launch. When deciding on a conversation point, it is best to pin-point what is the key success metric for your experience and what do you want your users to do with that information.

Success metrics can vary depending on the type of experiences you are creating. Keep reading to learn how to mark a conversion in your next Ion experience!

Marking conversions for lead generation (form submission)

For lead generation experiences, the main goal is to collect user information through a form, and the best point of conversion can be set directly on the submit button. 

  • Within the Edit panel in Creative Studio, expand the “ACTIONS” panel and check off the “Mark as converted”, then press OK to save.

Marking conversions conditionally based on respondent data

If your success metric is based on users opting in, you can mark conversions based on respondent data within the rules.

You can do this by adding a rule to your submit button with a condition (or multiple conditions), to look for specific respondent data to exist. With the status of this data result, you can assign an action and mark this as the point of conversion. 

  • Within the Edit panel within Creative Studio, expand the Rules tab and set up your condition(s) and select “Mark as converted” for the ACTIONS.  

Please notice if using this method, you will not mark the default submit button as the conversion point. 

Marking conversions for assessments and quizzes

To mark conversions on assessments and quizzes, you will want to set up the conversion point after the user has completed all the questions at the end of your assessment.

You can check the “Mark as converted” box for any buttons or choices that lead to the Results page. You can also achieve the same results by adding a page rule to the Results page that has no conditions and an action to ‘mark as converted.

Marking conversions based on number of interactions or visits

You can mark conversions based on a certain number of interactions a user makes or the number of times they visit a page or creative. You can set up the page rules to look for a certain number of actions and/or visits to trigger the conversion to mark.

Marking conversions using grades

You can also mark conversions on your creatives by using gradings. When a user arrives at the landing page, they have a default grading of “C”.

Based on the user’s interactions, you can assign the user a specific letter grade between “A+” to “F”. With these gradings, you can move users up or down, a whole, or a half letter grade. 

To assign grades, you will need to add the rules to elements that the user will click on or when the user visits a particular page. When the user reaches a certain grade, you can mark them as converted by setting up the rule. 

You can also assign grades when a user reaches another interior page of the experience. Here we will need to save a unique value into the respondent data, at the page level and set how much we want the grade to increase or decrease by.

If you are not yet convinced that marking your conversion truly matters for your interactive content strategy, you must take the Tags, Conversions and Tracking in Ion certification by Rock University.

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