How to install the PDF Viewer Widget

Upload viewer.html file into the clients Library > Framework > {{Framework they use in their theme}} usually ion_Framework_v4.0

Download file and upload into ion_Framework_v4.0: viewer.html

Copy widget code into target console. And save as a new Widget

Open file and copy entire code: PDF Viewer PDFjs base

Don’t forget to update the variables

If the viewer.html was uploaded to another Framework other than ion_Framework_v4.0 update the path /Templates/ion/ion_Framework_v4.0/viewer.html to match the framework name.

How to use the PDF Viewer Widget

Option 1: Upload local PDF

Upload local PDF into Libraries > Fullfillment

Add Widget to the creative: Basics > Widget > select PDF Viewer PDFjs base

Click required URL setting > Download Fullfillment > select the uploaded PDF

Option 2: Publicly hosted PDF

Add Widget to the creative

Get the public URL for the PDF

Click required URL setting > Insert Public URL under External URL

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