We’re excited to announce our latest ion platform release which will include our new icon library, a billing cycle …

Icon Library

Icons have become a major part of many experiences built on the web. In our latest release, we’ve added an icon library pre-loaded with tons of icons that you can add to any page within your ion console! In addition to the icons already in your icon library, you can also add your own icons by uploading .svg images to your icon library. You’ll then be able to drag icons into your ion page similar to how you would add an image. Once an icon has been added to your page, you will then be able to use the styling options available within your creative studio to adjust the color, size and much more!

Icon Library

Billing Cycle Traffic

In our latest release, we’ve added a new gauge that will show you the amount of traffic you have driven to your ion console in relation to your monthly billing cycle. This will help you keep tabs on whether or not your traffic could drive you over capacity for that billing cycle. If you find you are continuously exceeding your monthly traffic, your dedicated CSM will be happy to discuss options to increase your traffic tier.

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