The ion platform has two reporting gauges that help you track the parameters you pass into ion on the query string. The Track Parameters Data Cloud and Data Table are available at every level of reporting in ion. To use these gauges, you’ll first want to input the parameters you’d like to track at the Portfolio level. To do so:

  • Create a new Portfolio or navigate into an existing one
    • If working in an existing portfolio, click the “Edit portfolio button on the right side of the Portfolio Management screen

  • Next, click the “Show advanced options” link

  • You should now see two text fields where you may input your query string variables (one per text field)

As traffic is driven into your Portfolio that have keywords associated with your tracking parameters, your Track Parameters Data Cloud and Tables will allow you to see which keywords churn out the most conversions, giving you the ability to see how your pre-click spending is affecting your post-click conversion rate.

Track Parameter Gauges

On your Performance tab, at every level, Track Parameter 1 & 2 data clouds and data tables will populate with the parameters you entered at the Portfolio level. You’ll be able to view in table and cloud formats which parameter values convert the best. The tracking parameter data cloud is a visual way to quickly see the most popular query string values. This gauge is available in the Performance tab for all portfolios, campaigns, creatives and traffic sources.

When viewing, the tracking parameter data cloud, the larger the tag, the more respondents entered with that query string value.

Color coding is based on the conversion rate associated to the query string parameter. Please see below for how the color coding is defined in the “Track Parameters Cloud” Gauge: 

  • Blue indicates the parameter’s conversion rate is within 10% of the average conversion
  • Red indicates the parameter’s conversion rate is below 10% of the average conversion
  • Green indicates the parameter’s conversion is above 10% of the average conversion

You can also switch over to the tracking parameter data table in the lower half of the screen to view the specific data for these query string parameters listed out in a table.

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