When using Ion’s video component, you have the ability to use special extensibility code to tag when your video plays and when it ends. This will give you insight into how many visitors are watching your video all the way through. 

Video extensibility code can be enabled for the following video hosting services:

  • Vimeo
  • Ooyala
  • Brightcove
  • HTML5

To enable video extensibility, single-click your video and then navigate into the Advanced Settings section in your creative studio. Next, check the allow custom extensibility checkbox.

After checking the box, you will be able to add extensibility markers. You can set up a marker for any point in time in the video to drop a tag and/or perform other advanced actions.

Below, please find an example of extensibility code that includes a marker that saves a tag of “Video_Tag_Started” when the video starts playing and a tag of “Video_Tag_Ended” when the video ends. By saving tags when the video plays and ends, you will be able to view your tag table and tag cloud gauges to see how many respondents played the video and how many respondents watched the entire video. When using this code with your videos, you can change the tags to anything you would prefer to see in your tag table and tag cloud gauges. 





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