The Highlights panel is a comprehensive collection of essential metrics and insights, catering to different levels of filtering within the dashboard. Utilizing this information can provide a holistic understanding of user behavior, engagement, and performance across various experiences. Here’s an in-depth guide to comprehending the information presented there.

Metrics overview

Unique visitors: Represents individuals interacting with a particular experience. A change in any parameter, such as device or browser, constitutes a new unique visitor.

Returning visitors: Represents individuals revisiting the same experience using the same device and browser, indicating continued engagement.

Conversion rate: Reflects the percentage of visitors who engaged with elements marked as conversion points within the experience. 

Bounce rate: Indicates users who exited the experience without interacting with any elements. This doesn’t necessarily imply that actions were tagged but identifies users who left without interacting with those.

Average time on experience: Calculated by dividing the total seconds spent on the page by the number of visitors who performed at least one action on the page. Then, each average will be multiplied by the number of unique visitors on the page and at the end, the sum of all average time by unique visitors is divided by the sum of unique visitors.

Visitors funnel: Displays the count and percentage of users who clicked, engaged, and converted within the experience, providing insights into user interactions at different stages.

Top traffic source: Highlights the primary source contributing the most traffic to the experience, aiding in understanding user acquisition channels.

Top 5 experiences: Presents the top five experiences based on the selected sorting criteria, offering a quick view of the most impactful experiences. The hierarchy structure dictates the sequence in which filters influence data presentation:

  • Portfolio: Campaign, Creative, Page, UTM.
  • Campaign: Creative, Page, UTM.
  • Creative: Page, UTM, Url, Tag.
  • URL: Page, UTM, Tag.
  • Page: UTM, Tag.
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