Rock Content’s Ion Interactive has recently launched its new Templates Gallery, which promises to offer more quality over quantity. The library has a vast array of interactive experience templates, including assessments, calculators, content hubs, eBooks, infographics, landing pages, microsites, quizzes, solution finders, and white papers.

The Ion Design team worked on this mission for over a year to revamp the entire collection of prefabricated interactive experience templates. The new gallery is expected to streamline in quantity yet increasingly raise in quality, offering visually appealing templates that provide modern web trends and interactive elements.

Ion’s Templates Library

Features of the Ion’s Templates Gallery

The Ion Templates Gallery offers a wide range of features to help marketers create customized and visually appealing templates, which include both Full-Page and Micro Experiences.

With this multi-feature library, users can get a realistic picture of how the content will flow and be displayed with their branding in fully built Creatives as well as Micro-Experiences that can be embedded or used as starting points to create more custom interactive experiences.

The new functionalities of the templates, including advanced abilities, provide a different look-and-feel to the usual interactive elements like flows, reveals, accordions, and the like.

New collection of models in Ion’s Templates Gallery

The Ion team has added more than 20 different types of new templates to the collection, which have never been seen before in the Ion Template Library.

This collection offers a variety of templates that cater to the fast-paced consumption of content, ranging from basic landing pages to the most robust microsites and heavy-content eBooks. This new collection also includes exclusive templates that bring the perfect mix of content and logic to enrich content production to the fullest extent.

The new templates offer unprecedented formats like digital magazines, statistical infographics, corporate reports, interactive newsletters, and article hubs.

With this collection, marketers can boost brand awareness, increase engagement, and educate their audiences.

Ease of use and support resources

Ion’s Templates Gallery is not only visually appealing and interactive but also easy to use.

The templates are supported by easy-to-consume support resources, ranging from quick how-to videos to illustrative tutorials to logic and content writing templates.

These resources reduce technical dependencies and efforts, helping users to take full advantage of the new templates.

Impressive collection of interactive experience templates

In summary, Ion’s Templates Gallery offers an impressive collection of interactive experience templates, including the Content-driven collection, which focuses on content as the primary protagonist.

With a range of features and easy-to-use support resources, marketers can create visually appealing, customized, and interactive templates that cater to different complexity levels and use cases.

The library also provides industry-specific models and new functionalities to enhance the interactive experience. Whether users are beginners or experts in the platform, they will find templates to fit their building-in-Ion abilities.

Ion’s Templates Gallery is a must-have for marketers who want to create customized and interactive templates that stand out from the crowd.

As the Ion Starship brings the freshest updates to the library, users can sign up to the Product News to stay tuned to the upcoming changes and enjoy the intergalactic adventure of the new Templates Library.

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