Using ion’s code-free calculation rule and tags, you can create an engagement score and then use that score to calculate the percentage of your content that was consumed. Here’s how:

For any action you would like to include in your engagement score: 

  1. Add an advanced rule to your action
  2. Leave your condition set to ‘No conditions required’
  3. Set your action to ‘Save computed data’
  4. Enter ‘Engagement’ before the = sign
  5. Enter ‘+1’ after the = sign

Repeat above for every action you would like to include in your engagement score.

The following is optional, if you’d like to calculate a percentage consumed:

At the completion point(s) of your experience (upon conversion, on every page, whatever you prefer), calculate your engagement percentage: 

  1. Add an advanced rule to your form, page or action.
  2. Set your condition to ‘Respondent numeric data’
  3. Enter ‘Engagement’ before ‘equals’
  4. Change ‘equals’ to ‘greater than’
  5. Enter 0 after ‘greater than’
  6. Set your action to ‘Save computed data’
  7. Enter ‘Consumed’ before the = sign
  8. Enter ‘Round(@@Engagement/N*100,0) where N is your total number of potential tagged actions

Hint: You can easily count all your tagged actions by doing a find within your creative proof.

That last rule looks scarier than it is. It pulls in the user’s actual score (Engagement), divides it by the total potential score (N), multiplies that by 100 and rounds the results to zero places after the decimal.

Surfacing Engagement in Reporting Gauges

ion includes a feature to use any data point in certain reporting gauges. Here’s how to get engagement into your reporting gauges.

  1. Navigate to the portfolio management screen
  2. Click the edit portfolio properties button
  3. Enter your preference of “Engagement” or “Consumed” as Track parameter 1 (or 2)

That’s it, you’re done.

Now, in all your performance gauge views within that portfolio — portfolio, campaign, traffic source and creative — you have tracking parameter data cloud and data table large gauges that will pull in your engagement scoring.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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