NotYour Ion console automatically generates a data set called Core Fields. You can find the collected respondent data on your Raw Data File.

When a respondent visits an Ion experience, core field values are available to leverage as rule conditions, to populate third-party tracking script and can be included in integrations to enhance respondent data.

Example of a rule that can be set with Core Fields

Glossary of Core Fields

CampaignID: Unique numeric ID automatically assigned to each campaign

CampaignLabel: Label you assign when adding or editing a campaign

Converted: Y or N value that indicates if the respondent is marked as converted

ConvertedDate: Timestamp that reflects when a respondent converted

CurrentYear: The current year (yyyy)

FirstContact: Timestamp generated when a respondent first visits a creative (Central time zone)

FirstPrimaryTag: First tagged element a respondent engaged with

GeoCountry: Respondent’s country location with 99% accuracy

GeoCity: Respondent’s city with 70% accuracy

GeoDomainName: Respondent’s domain name with 75% accuracy

GeoRegion: Respondent’s region/state with 75% accuracy

Grade: Grade assigned to a respondent based on advanced rules that move the grade value up or down as they navigate through your creative

IPAddress: Respondent’s IP address

Note: IP Address will always be presented with some octets anonymized with an asterisk (*).

LastContact: Timestamp generated when a respondent last visits a creative (Central time zone)

MediaName: The category selected when adding a URL (Ex. Search Engine or Email)

NActions: The number of tagged elements a respondent engages with in the creative they visit

NUserResponses: The total number of times a respondent has visited any ion creative managed in your console

NVisits: The number of times a respondent has visited a creative using the same URL (New visits to a creative via the same URL will only be tracked if they are 20 minutes apart.)

PageID: Unique ID automatically assigned to each page created in your ion console

PageLabel: Label assigned to a page by clicking on the pencil icon beside its thumbnail on the “creative management” screen

PathID: Unique numeric ID automatically assigned to each creative (not available for export)

PathLabel: Label you assign when adding or editing a creative

PortfolioID: Unique numeric ID automatically assigned to each portfolio

PortfolioLabel: Label you assign when adding or editing a portfolio

Referrer: The URL that referred the respondent to your URL

RespondentID: A unique, sequential numeric value that assigned to each respondent upon visiting an ion URL

SecondPrimaryTag: Second tagged element a respondent engaged with pre-conversion

SourceID: Unique numeric ID given to URLs opened in your ion console

VehicleName: The sub-category selected when adding a URL. (Ex. Google or Yahoo!)

Tags: All actions labeled via assigning tags in your creative or using ion’s external tag scripth

TrafficSourceLabel: The URL the respondent clicked on to visit an ion creative

TrafficSourceDesc: A description that can optionally be added when opening or editing a URL

TrafficSourceQueryString: The complete query string for a URL.

UserAgent: Identifies the client software originating the request

UserID: A unique, sequential numeric value that identifies someone who has visited your ion experiences. Whereas the RespondentID is unique for each URL, the UserID will remain the same across visits to different URLs to tie the visitor data to a single person. 

UserKey: Unique key generated by ion

UserTimelineURL: Link to timeline showing visits to all experiences, data collected across those experiences as well as Sell-Side insights for each experience that a given user has visited throughout the ion console. 


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