The ion Quick Start Cloud pages all use a generic “Quick Starts” theme. This theme is tapped into the ion Quick Start Cloud and is updated periodically. To ensure that these updates do not affect live pages, you will not be able to engage creatives that use the Quick Starts theme. If you would like to use the Quick Starts theme to go live, you can make a copy of it from within your Framework Library. Because the copy would not be tapped into the Cloud, you will be able to engage creatives that utilize the new version of the Quick Starts theme.

To make a copy of the Quick Starts theme:

  1. Click the Libraries tab in your console’s side nav and select “Frameworks”
  2. Click the “ion Framework 4” link
  3. Click the Themes dropdown arrow
  4. Hover over the Quick Starts theme and click the copy button
  5. Give your new theme a title
  6. Save


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