You did it! Your interactive content experience is live and ready to receive traffic that will be engaged and (fingers crossed) help you achieve your goals.

As you know, taking content live is only the first step in a long journey of the content’s lifecycle. This content piece still needs traffic, measurement, and eventually, some iterating. And we cannot iterate, measure, or optimize any content piece before we start learning about what works and what doesn’t.

So, first things first, let’s start driving traffic to it.

Questions you may be asking:

  • What copy should I include in the marketing ad that will encourage people to visit my experience?
  • What channels are the best for this type of experience?
  • Are there any words that I should use to encourage people to click?

I have heard these questions and so many more from the marketers that I work with at Ion interactive. Every marketer that invests time and resources into creating content wants their audience to visit. It would be a waste of our time to create content that nobody visited.

From conversations with marketers, I have found that one of the more challenging places to promote content is social media. The tone on networks such as Facebook and Twitter is less polished and professional but still needs to follow brand guidelines. This can be challenging when you are trying to promote a piece of content that is lightweight and more fun such as a quiz or infographic.

Here are some of my tried and true tips for writing marketing copy that encourages your audience to visit your interactive experience.

Use Specific Words to Set User Expectation of What the Content Is

When you share a piece of content such as a podcast or blog, you let the user know exactly what that content is; “Read my blog!” or “Listen to our podcast” are all over our social media channels and look, we are all here for it, right? We listen to your podcasts, we read your blogs, we share your press release, and half the reason we click is probably that we knew what exists on the other side of that click. Your interactive content should be no different. Interactive content is not static content, and your audience should know that what they are getting is far more engaging than that static PDF they downloaded last week.

Got an interactive infographic that includes reveal tiles and animations? Trying using words like explore or interactive in the social media copy to tell visitors that they can interact with the content. Did you create a robust assessment? Use the word assess in the copy to tell users that they will get personalized results from engaging with this assessment.

Copy Examples:

  • Are you looking to launch an interactive infographic but don’t know where to begin? Explore our seven tips for getting started in our interactive infographic!
  • Is your business getting more unqualified leads than qualified? Assess your current lead drivers to see where the leakage takes place and for tips on how to improve.

Share the Experience More than Once

A common fear amongst some marketers is coming off annoying to their audience by posting their content more than once. But, using different imagery or copy may resonate more with other members of your audience. We recommend coming up with a cadence that posts your interactive experience with fresh copy and imagery, every few days. Tweak the copy by asking the user a question that relates to the content in one post, while making the next one more actionable. Posting different posts, at different times is a great way to learn what resonates with your audience and what may fall flat.

Make the Value of the Experience Clear

To be a strong piece of content, there needs to be a clear value to the content — actionable tips, next steps or creative ideas, and these values can vary depending on the goals of the content piece and the topic.

If the interactive content experience that you are sharing will provide visitors with something of value that may better their business or their lives, tell them in the social media copy.

Copy Examples:

  • Are you looking for healthy and delicious meals that can make weeknight meals less hectic? Explore our recently launched recipe library for meals that can be on the table in less than an hour.
  • Do you know how effective your IVR system is at routing customer calls? Take our assessment to see how your system ranks against industry rockstars and receive actionable tips on how your IVR system can minimize customer frustration and increase your team’s productivity.


Creating interactive content can be incredibly valuable to your business and prospects. To gain value from your experiences, you have to drive traffic to them. Social media is a great place to start and gives you the flexibility to test the copy used to determine what yields a higher click-through-rate.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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