The Traffic Source Summary panel, available at Portfolio, Campaign, Creative, and Url filter levels, serves as a powerful tool for evaluating traffic sources’ performance and characteristics. It provides a comprehensive overview of traffic sources, enabling users to assess performance, conversions, and the effectiveness of various sources and mediums.

Leveraging insights for strategic decision-making

The Traffic Source Summary panel plays a pivotal role in guiding strategic marketing decisions. It enables to:

  • Analyze the performance of each URL by assessing unique visitor counts and conversion rates associated with different traffic sources and mediums.
  • Identify the best and worst-performing traffic sources, offering insights into which sources should be further explored or optimized for future marketing campaigns.

Metrics overview

URL: Displays the URL itself, allowing users to identify and differentiate between various URLs created.

Unique visitors: Reflects the count of unique visitors each URL received, indicating the reach and engagement each one brought to the console. Unique visitor 

Conversions: Represents the count of individuals who converted* through each URL, providing insights into the effectiveness of different traffic sources in driving conversions.
Converted* represents visitors within the Ion experience who engaged with at least one element marked as “conversion.” These users have successfully completed desired actions or conversions during their interaction.

Source and medium: Allows for detailed categorization and tracking of traffic sources based on their origin and type. Both can be defined during URL creation.

Note: Creating distinct URLs for each platform or location where the URL will be shared is recommended. This strategy enables tracking different sources and mediums accurately across various channels.

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